Korean-born Ahn Jun (안준) poses in precarious places for her photography.

Ahn Jun is a Korean photographer who splits her work between New York and Seoul.

In her 2008 project, Self-Portrait, Ahn Jun takes her work to new heights while attempting to examine the contemporary urban experience. The images show the photographer in precarious poses on top of huge skyscrapers, dangling from ledges with a sprawling city at her feet.


The setting and composition of these images convey a sense of fear, both from facing the enormity of this vast landscape in front of you and the basic idea of falling headfirst into it. Her body language, however, sends us a different message; a subtle mix of contemplation, distracted emotion and youthful rebellion in the face of such scale make these images so striking.


For her most recent work, Ahn Jun took images of various locations and backgrounds while throwing a bunch of apples through them. By using the speed settings on her camera she was able to capture multiple shots of the apples and select the best ones. Sounds simple? It is, but surprisingly effective. The apples appear to be in stasis, almost as if they were still attached the tree. The colour and the shape of the apples is a nice contrast to the angular, occasionally geometric backgrounds of many of the images.

For more information on Ahn Jun please visit her website.


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