The haunting paintings of Heo YongSung.

The work of Heo YongSung 허용성 attempts to probe the “inner psychology” of young people today with a series of ghost-like portraits.

His work shows the things that young people have in common with the almost indistinguishable faces of his images. The work probes the identity of its subjects and poses questions about their visibility and individuality. The work also deals with issues of anonymity which contrast harshly against the stark composition of the paintings; as if to say “though you may not be able to see us, we’re here and we matter.”

Heo YongSung  (2)

There’s a creepy element to these pictures that begins with the pale skinned, ghost like figures and is reinforced through the red eyes the artist has given them. Contradictorily there is also a sense of tranquility to the images that clashes with their slightly terrifying nature. The minimalism of the images has a soothing quality.

By Jamie Finn (@jamiefinn2209)

Heo YongSung  (6)







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