JeeYoung Lee mixes design, installation and performance to create her images.

In her tiny 3m x 6m studio, Korean artist JeeYoung Lee creates elaborate and expansive landscapes and photographs them for her work.

While much of the production of these works comes from an installation standpoint, the artist must also draw on principles of photography, performance and design for her work.

The sets for these incredibly varied images can take weeks, or even months to construct. The only real shame about this work is that the public only really gets to see the photographs and never explore the real-life set. The amount of effort involved in producing one of these images can be seen in the video below.

The work acts as a theatrical self-portrait with each image featuring the artist obscured or featured in the background. By never being a frontal figure in the images, the artist explores ideas of identity through adopting a character.

For more information please visit the Opiom Gallery website.

 JYL004-JeeYoungLee-OPIOM-Nightscape_120x96cm_Inkjet-print_2012  JYL006-JeeYoungLEE-OPIOM-last-supper_120x96cm_Inkjet-print_2011







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