Must see acts at Big Day South 2015.

Our good friends over at Angle Magazine are taking over Ulsan for their big annual event this weekend and Big Day South 2015 promises to be amazing. There are almost too many bands and performers to choose from but here is our list of things you do not want to miss. Tickets are selling fast but there’re still a few available on their website.


Friday night’s festivities will take place at the Sticky Fingers pub and features a bunch of great bands and interesting visuals to kick off Big Day South in style.

Barbie Dolls

If you’re heading to BDS on the Friday, Keun Soli absolutely insists that you go and see Barbie Dolls. Hailing from Busan, they mix punk, alt-rock, rockabilly and surf into their humorous party spread. This is guaranteed to be loads of fun and should not be missed.

 Plexi-Glass Portraits

Simple ideas usually garner the best results. At BSD’s launch night, they’ll have something called Plexi-Glass Portraits:

One person holds the plexi-glass in front of their face. The other draws what they see, maintaining eye contact throughout to create a unique, intimate portraiture experience. Put the plexi-glass down on the paper and take a photo. Then wipe it off for the next person to use.


Saturday Morning:

Saturday morning will turn things down a notch with a series of interesting performances from artists, poets, musicians and performers from other mediums. This will be held at Moim – an interactive art space set up in collaboration with Big Day South’s organisers, Angle Magazine.


One of absolute favourite musical acts in Korea are Tengger. Hailing from Jeju Island, Tengger produce expansive musical landscapes that incorporate ambient and electronic sounds. Their live show is backed by beautifully projected visuals, which adds atmosphere to their music. They’re new record Icelandic is out very soon and their BDS set will be one of the weekend’s high points.


Live Screen Printing

 Daegu-based Mesh Printing will create be at Moim creating multi-coloured screen-pints of some Big Day South artwork. The first 75 people there will receive a free print.


Saturday night:

 This is the big one. For the Saturday night, Angle Magazine have brought together some of Korea’s most exciting bands and mixed them with fantastic visual artists. The music will be held at The Royal Anchor.

Say Sue Me

Almost too hard to choose any highlights from this but we’ll definitely be seeing Say Sue Me. Since the release of their debut album last October, Say Sue Me have become one of the most talked about guitar bands in Korea. With an eclectic range of influences and styles, Say Sue Me mix indie, surf, punk and even shoegaze to create their own original brand of guitar music.



 We’re pretty excited about seeing Graye live. On the ever-excellent Young Gifted and Whack label, Graye is producing some of the most interesting electronic music in Korea. Fusing elements of house and trip-hop to more experimental noises, his music has been generating a buzz around Gusan and beyond. An absolute must-see this weekend.



Mountains are flying the flag for math rock in South Korea. Featuring two members from the now-defunct band Colours, they play songs with “lots of ideas and lots of melody”. with complex rhythms and riffs twinned with their upbeat tempos, their set is sure to be a blast this weekend.


TPY Graffiiti Crew

Just outside The Royal Anchor, Daegu’s own TPY Graffiti Crew will be doing some live painting.



The final day of BDS lets you shake off the horrible hangover from the Saturday night with  a selection of more chilled-out activities.  I’m Gourmet (just above Moim) has an all acoustic lineup featuring Kim Il Du, Kenny Freeman and Steve C. You can also head over to Sokukjang Pureungashi Theatre to see performances by a number of regional drama groups including The Busan English Theatre Association, The Industrial Theatre Troupe and The Gwangju Performance Project. Later there’ll be a movie and wine.

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For more information visit the Angle Magazine website.


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