Indian Soonie’s soul blossomed at Salt Gallery

Indian Soonie, a popular acid-folk musician based in Korea, held an intimate show at the Salt Gallery in Gwangju (Thurs 21st May 2015).

Support on the night came from Kim Only who performed indie-style ukulele songs. His simple, exquisite style aims to cut through audio boundaries and he his voice has a similarity to Thom Yorke. Only was a wonderful opener for the night and definitely worth following up.


Indian Soonie opened her set with a delicate humming tune, which she said enabled her to feel our presence as the city passed by the windows behind her. She told us that her performance would include material in no particular order from her past and present. She would also play some covers such as The Rose and Wayfaring Stranger, but most were her own charming melodies and folk songs.

Soonie tells the audience that in a past life she was a Native American Indian, a belief she shares convincingly with the track Siberia, a Korean language song about those who begin their lives again.


Soonie was warmly received by the audience and she told everyone how comfortable they made her feel. After inviting a Japanese friend up to the stage to perform you can see that she meant it.

She also performed the deeply personal 500 Miles, a song that contained the bare lyrics ’Lord, I can’t go home, with no money and the clothes on my back’. Soonie ended her set with May 18th, a stunning tribute to the Gwangju Massacre of may 1981. Both this and 500 Miles were particular highlights.

As she drew the night to a close we called for an encore to which she humbly agreed with the heartfelt What’s Up? A wonderful night of uplifting sounds by folk songstress Indian Soonie and the mesmerising Kim Only.

For more information on Salt Gallery shows click here.

Words by Áine Byrne @AineMByrne

Photography by Salt Art Gallery

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