Relive this jaw-dropping video from one of Korea’s leading avant-garde bands.

It’s not new, but this 2012 video from Jambinai still resonates for its power and originality.

The avant-garde angst of Jaminai’s music is powered through their post-rock sound and their incredibly unique style. They’re known equally for crafting painfully beautiful soundscapes and their use of traditional Korean instruments. These instruments include the haegeum, the piri and the geomungo, but their music also incorporates electric guitars and other contemporary sounds.

Since breaking out in 2011 with the Special Rookie of the Year award from EBS Media the band have played a string of esteemed live dates such as Pentaport Rock Festival. Their explosive performances have also seem them play live shows across the globe in countries like UK, France, Switzerland, Finland and more.

The track Time of Extinction (소멸의 시간) is a particularly standout moment. It’s the band at their most noise-driven and metal influenced. The result is a punchy, three-minute track that is dripping in thick discordant layers pushed along by the repetition of its unmistakeable bass line.

The video shows why the bands performances have warranted so much praise. It begins in a simple style with the band, obscured to the point of silhouettes, sitting down and playing their music. As the intensity of the music builds, the images in the video begin to change, leading you into its final few seconds where the video explodes in a multi-sensory crescendo of noise, colour and effects.

By Jamie Finn (@jamiefinn2209)

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