The prolific Jowall creates powerful, genre-hopping music.

One thing that is starting to become apparent about Korean artists is their reluctance to settle on one genre. A few bands here seem content with sticking with a particular sound or idea (and those that do, do it well) but many of them produce bodies of work that incorporate a broad range of musical disciplines. One of the best examples of this is Jowall.

A quick look through Jowall’s online music and you’re immediately struck by just how prolific he is. As well as the three official albums he has to his name, Jowall seems to upload brand-new tracks to his soundcloud on a frequent basis. He’s produced material for over a dozen compilations and is also a member another band called Underwears and a design collective called Byul.

The perception of Jowall as a creative whirlwind is further bolstered by the huge range of sounds and style incorporated in his music. Take his 2013 album, Clean and Clear for example. This 9 song collection opens with off-beat jazz coloured hip-hop track We Will Never Do This Again before morphing into powerfully melancholic post-rock on tracks like Like-Minded and Anthem. There’re even further evolutions on this album such as Lullaby-era Cure inspired Electroland. Despite the broad range of sounds on this album, it never really feels scattered or unfocused. Instead, Jowell uses his unique voice and style to create a tapestry of coherent musical ideas.

Like Sunkyeol, Jowall does an excellent My Bloody Valentine cover. In fact, both are taken from the fantastic all-Korean Loveless tribute album that came out two years ago. While Jowall’s rendition of While You Sleep leans slightly more on the original than Sunkyeol’s Touched, it is still an interesting reimagining that he has made his own.

It’s unclear what Jowall is up to now but with the rate of creativity he is known for, we’re sure it wont be long until we hear some new material and we can’t wait.

For more information on Jowall click here.

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