Neon Bunny (야광토끼) is K-Pop done right.

In March of last year, Seoul-based Neon Bunny set the internet on fire with her self-penned debut single It’s You. Since then, she’s been pretty quiet but the quality of that single is a testament to one of Korea’s most exciting songwriters.

OK, so we said we wouldn’t write about K-Pop and that’s still technically true. Neon Bunny is Korean and her debut track was featured on a plethora of “best K-Pop of 2014” lists. Yet, while her lush synth-pop style may make her technically K-Pop, many of the sounds and styles used in her music lean more towards the indie world. Not unlike Yukari, Neon Bunny’s emotional songs incorporate elements of dream pop and chillwave as well as a huge helping of electro disco.

Neon Bunny emerged on the scene in 2013 when she provided vocals for tracks by Demicat and Smells. Since the release of the single, Neon Bunny has returned to her collaborative roots and has been busy working with Spazzkid. You can hear their excellent track Daytime Disco here:

As great as her collaborations are, we hope to hear some original material soon. File Neon Bunny under “ones to watch this summer”.

For more information on Neon Bunny click here.

For fans of Chvrches, Purity Ring, Lorde, Charlie XCX, MØ, Passion Pit, Cults.

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