Stefan Kieser & The Om-Fi’s deliver contagious good karma.

New venue Voyagers opened with a wave of music and creativity last Friday night (12th June 2015). Gwangju act ‘Stefan Kieser and The Om-fi’s’ performed their playfully energetic, Om-Fi sounds to an intimate audience. The atmosphere was bohemian and relaxed, so it was a good start to the night.

Blending the skills of international musicians, the band consists of Stefan Kieser (lead vocals/ukulele/guitar), Nik Trapani (guitar/mandolin), Johan Ahn (melodica/keys) and Bo Hyeon (shakers). According to the Swiss born front man Kieser, Om-Fi is a unique new sound one could describe it as bohemian, karma folk.

Opening with Dreamless Night the crowd hummed and sang along, getting into the music. Gratitude of a Pedestal, and the delightful Om Maha Agni Om went down well. The Om-Fi’s rotated around naturally, easing us into their playful sounds.

Stefarirang, Wall and Where Did You Go? were followed by more chilled Om-Fi, karma songs. Where Did You Go? is a recent song, written by Kieser for the victims of the Nepal earthquake, this song in particular was loved by the audience. The musician recently led a rally to fundraise for Nepal resulting in over 1,000,000 won going to the cause.

Ending the night on Dodok – “Wondrous, curious, furious. That’s Dodok!” sang Kieser. The audience swayed and enjoyed the vibes lead by the delightful Kieser on ukulele.

Om Maha Agni Om and Dodok, two songs about Korean political oppression, are highlights. A thoroughly enjoyable night was had by all. We soaked up the sounds of Stefan Kieser and The Om-Fis.

Find out more about Stefan Kieser on Facebook – and his other musical projects on Bandcamp –

Set list:
Dreamless Life
Gratitude of a Pedelstool
Om Maha Agni Om
Where Did You Go?
Past Dark
All The Places That I’ve been

Review by Áine Byrne

Photo credit: Johan Ahn 2015

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