Korean-formed Table People are upbeat, alt-rock fun.

Formed in Korea and featuring members from the three corners of the rock ‘n’ roll globe (Seoul, St. Louis and Rochester), Table People have been making waves with their upbeat alt-rock sounds and electric live shows. Now, in what will probably be their last big move, they’re producing their first full length album and they need your help.

Table People are the archetypal DIY band: found each other on Craigslist, came together through late night drinking sessions, recorded American noise-pop songs and now, with a contemporary twist on the DIY band model, are funding their album through crowdsourcing.

This DIY mentality seeps into the distribution of their music. For their first EP (which features the fantastic Jesus’ Bed) the band created unique artwork for each individual copy. This slight on mass-production was also a fun, albeit time-consuming way for the band to get creative with their releases.

Their infectious guitar style is twinned with sharp and often funny lyrics to create an early-90s indebted college rock sound. While they make certain clear nods to The Lemonheads/Husker-Du-esque bands, it’s not fair to say Table People don’t bring something new to the table. The imagery created by their lyrics and their choral vocal style gives them an identity all of their own.

Their second EP, which was released in 2013, is a split with the fantastic Korean band Les Sales.

Unfortunately for the Korean music scene, founding member Eric Davis will be heading back home meaning that we could be seeing the end of Table People. Now, in what is almost certainly a last gasp for the band, they’re writing and recording their first full-length album. Five tracks for the LP have already been recorded and unleashed onto the world but the band need your help to get it finished. They’re looking towards crowdsourcing to help them with recording and distribution. In exchange for a donation, they’re offering a variety of prizes that range from free copies of the album to having your face on the cover.

For fans of Weezer, Dinosaur Jr., The Lemonheads, Ash, Built to Spill, Half Japanese, Superchunk, The Vaselines.

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