Table People announce album release date and launch party.

Some of you may remember Keun Soli raving about an upbeat alt-rock band called Table People back in April and how they were crowd-sourcing the cost of their new album. Well they reached their goal, finished recording and have now set a date for when they plan to unleash it.

The band have already put a few tracks of Ride With Me and first listen shows that this will be their most varied and mature sounding work to date. Lead single Hometown is a well-paced but sultry ode to taking pride in your stomping ground.

The album was produced by Union Studios owner and K-Indie mainstay BA Wheeler who has previously worked with Used Cassettes, The Barberettes and Jang Kiha and the Faces. It also features a guest appearance from Ham Jeehye of Juck Juck Gunzie.

The band have previously released 2 EPs – their debut, which features the fantastic Jesus’ Bed, and a split EP they did with Korean band Les Sales. This will be their first and probably last album since the imminent departure of key members means the band are calling it a day.

To celebrate the release of the album, the band are throwing a huge launch party at DGBD in Seoul next month. As if the chance to get your hands on a copy of the CD, the show also boasts a fantastic lineup including Table People, Les Sales, Mountains, Vidulgi OoyoO and Cogason. This is seriously not a night you want to miss. For more information click here.

Words by Jamie Finn (twitter @jamiefinn2209)

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