Yes YES release Jeff Buckley-esque track ‘Korean Girls’.

For anyone who doesn’t know his music yet, Yes YES is the pseudonym of Korean-based folk artist Michael Ersing. Ersing is known for his tenor-falsetto vocal range, his extraordinary songwriting and his intensely philosophical lyrics that often seem like stream of consciousness. This week he released his latest track, Korean Girls and it’s his most personal song to date.

Some of Yes YES’s songs must be exhausting to perform. The 9-minute tirade of poetry that is Moksha, for example, fires words at you so fast that it would put Twista to shame. Combine that with the lofty ideas his lyrics communicate and you can imagine that performing them might be somewhat gruelling. It’s probably a good job, then, that this kind of song only makes up a small part of his extensive repertoire. While the rest of his music contains the same philosophical lyricism, the tone of them is much more subdued and intimate.

One such track is his brand new song Korean Girls. While some of the lyrics might be misunderstood as having a tongue in cheek humour to them, the truth is that this is a deeply personal song about consolation and emotional support.

“This is a new kind of song for me” Ersing told us. “I’m not writing about God or calling myself an alien or talking about Sexual-Romantic love. The song is actually pretty sad and I want people to be able to feel how much strained affection and love is inside of it.”

As well as the usual Jeff Buckley-esque vocals that Yes YES is known for, Korean Girls also has the same tender intimacy you would expect from Buckley, Elliott Smith or Nick Drake.

For fans of Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Daniel Johnstone, Jeffery Lewis, Leonard Cohen, Neutral Milk Hotel.

Yes YES is planning to tour Korea and other parts of Asia in the summer. Keep updated on live dates and new music over on his Facebook.

By Jamie Finn (@jamiefinn2209)

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