Yukari is leading the way for Korean dream pop. m

What strikes you first about Yukari’s music is just how well crafted it is. The mature and surprisingly varied production on her album never falters. More importantly, however, is that underneath that production are some beautifully written songs. The album is loaded with hooks and vocal melodies that artists twice her age would kill to have come up with. Even elements that may seem like imperfections actually bring so much to the album that you’re forced to believe that they’re calculated provisions of musicality.

The emphasis on technical ability here isn’t surprising since not only has Yukari been playing piano since a young age but also majored in electronic music production at university. Her music combines elements of chillwave, dream pop, electro and even the criminally underrated nu-gaze sound of Dead Cities era M83.

As cliché as it sounds, the beautiful layers and intimate, whispered vocals create such an atmosphere of introverted tranquility that Yukari’s music is perfect for walking around cities at night with your headphones on.

In 2012 (and more recently in Japan) Yukari put out her well-received debut album Echo. While it may have been released a while ago, we assure you that this album could be released tomorrow and it would still sound incredibly refreshing. Since then she has been busy with live shows, remixing other artists and even releasing the occasional gem such as her Japan-only bonus track Where do I go?

Yakuri “takes all the responsibility for her music, as a composer, producer, singer by her lonesome”. An huge claim considering that with just one person and a synthesizer, her music manages to invoke the same heavily layered textures that My Bloody Valentine are celebrated for. This is most evident on the shoegaze-inspired album track 8PM which merges dreamy synth lines to near sublime effect.

Yukari has a great reputation for accomplished live shows in which she recreates the beats, melodies and vocal loops live as opposed to using a backing track.

Yukari’s debut album Echo is still on sale through Bandcamp.

For fans of Purity Ring, Grimes, M83, Chvrches, Neon Indian, Washed Out, Crystal Castles, FKA Twigs.
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